National Foundation for Educational Research

The National Foundation for Educational Research

NFER is the leading independent provider of education research, carrying out research on all aspects of the education system, from early years to further education and employment. It believes that reforms to the education system should be based on sound evidence so that policymakers, school and college leaders and practitioners can see how and where their methods and actions are making a difference to children and young people. Its teams of professional researchers, statisticians, economists and assessment experts have extensive experience and expertise in a wide range of research methods, combined with deep subject knowledge. They use this expertise and knowledge to:
  • develop robust evidence to guide and inform policymakers and practitioners. This is done through research findings, randomised controlled trials, statistical analysis and in-depth qualitative investigations.
  • create rigorous diagnostic tests and assessments to provide teachers with robust means of monitoring and analysing performance.
  • provide quick and efficient identification of important and emerging issues helping clients to anticipate and prepare for the future.
  • provide expert guidance and advice on how to use data and evidence critically..
NFER is governed by a Board of Trustees with the majority of income generated directly from charitable activities. NFER’s website provides details of our activities, areas of expertise and how you can access our evidence and products.Contact: