Greater Manchester LSRN

This network, created in 2017/18, organises LSRN meetings and events at least 3 times a year at which practitioners with an interest in or engaged in practitioner inquiry or research can come together to share their work and interests. There is a key note speaker at each event to offer insight into best practice. For more information about events and dates, please contact Jo Fletcher-Saxon either by email or Twitter @JfletcherSaxon Jo also holds events such as #FEResearchMeet and other research related professional development events. The #FEResearchMeet model was founded by Sam Jones of Bedford College and is supported by NEU. #FEResearchMeet offers a democratic space to practitioners who wish to hear about or share their practitioner research interests. Both LSRN meetings and #FEResearchMeet offer staff working in post compulsory education settings of all types the opportunity for self-driven professional development through action research or practitioner research. Contact: Jo Fletcher-saxon