Education and Employers

Launched in 2009, Education and Employer’s mission is to ensure that every school and college has an effective partnership with employers. The charity’s programmes connect state schools and colleges with volunteers from a range of sectors and professions via an online technology.

The research team at Education and Employers work closely with scholars from around the world to improve understanding of the impacts of employer engagement and how it can be made to happen as efficiently, effectively and equitably as possible. The team sits at the heart of a global community of researchers and policy advisors working to improve the understanding of employer engagement in education. It runs conferences and seminars showcasing high quality new research and presents an online library of key research publications covering employer engagement and career development activities. A series of peer review articles present new quantified research demonstrating the impact of employer engagement in education on future earnings and employment. Collections of Research Essays on Employer Engagement in Education were published with Routledge in 2014 and 2018. All are free and available on our website.